Thursday, March 1, 2012

The drama of sleep

I always understood that I would not be getting much sleep once a baby entered the house. I've somehow become accustomed to these broken nights and just stringing together half-hours until it passes for a night's sleep.

What I was not prepared for was the completely different drama of the baby not sleeping well, or catnapping, during the day. When he sleeps in 20-40 minute chunks and then is overtired or grizzly, there is little time for anything else. The bottles pile up in the sink next to the dishes; the clothes remain unwashed or growing ever stinkier in the machine because there's no time to hang out the load that just finished; nothing gets straightened or put away; dinner stays unmade until Lovely Husband comes home. Instead, we move from feed to play to sleep to trying to resettle to trying to resettle to trying to resettle to giving up and trying to stretch out until the next feed to giving up and giving the next feed and so on.

Somewhere in there I try to go to the toilet.

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