Saturday, December 31, 2011

New songs on a Saturday morning (311-320)

It's actually Saturday morning! I flicked on the TV this morning (our brand new Christmas TV) and found the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Concert hosted by Helen Mirren and Rosario Dawson. Had a little cry during the speeches of the three miraculous women laureates who shared the prize this year as well as during a few of the songs. Each laureate got to choose an artist/song, so some of the choices were more inspiring than others.

311. Ellie Goulding - 'Your Song' - It's a cover, obviously, but I wept like a baby.
312. David Gray - 'Fugitive' - Always loved this man's strange voice.
313. Jill Scott - 'Hate on Me' - Had only known this woman as an actress but her songs are up there.
314. Angelique Kidjo - 'Africa'.
315. Sugarland - 'Tonight' - Fantastic voice. Something very Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart here, but with more shades of Melissa Etheridge.
316. Sugarland - 'Stuck Like Glue'.
317. Ahmed Fathi (with Norweigan Radio Orchestra) - 'The Good Spirits' - Yemeni artist.
318. Bernhoft - 'C'mon Talk' - Awesome, with a little Sam Sparrow thrown in.
319. Janelle Monae - 'Cold War' - Fairly sure I've had this in my New Songs list before, but certainly not this version.
320. All artists - 'Move on Up' - Rasario Dawson's voice was a pleasant surprise!

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