Thursday, September 15, 2011


When I'm at the main campus for work, I park in the appropriate permit zone then meander my way towards the office, ready to sit in on long, dull meetings, pick up bundles of essays or natter with the office ladies. This walk in always takes me past the uni's conservatorium of music, with its picnic-tabled courtyard full of music students. Over the last two weeks, with spring in the air, there seem to be more of them about tuning up instruments, practising, chatting, eating, smoking.

Last week as I walked past, a choral group of lovely female voices were working on 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', two boys with trombones punched out the theme from The Simpsons and a couple lying on the concrete were running scales up into the blue sky. Buried somewhere inside the building a band of brassy instruments and drums were jazzing it up.

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