Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I finally got sick of this mess in the front yard, the only bed without any roses. It's sat like this since the end of winter when the bulbs of jonquils and daffodils bloomed briefly then faded out. The bulbs are still there, lying just beneath the surface, but they've been overtaken by these reedy, weedy bits of nothing. And yes, the moss. The soil is heavy with clay and quite damp, but gets more sun than you'd expect.
It took me two and a half hours to pull out all the bolting grass and churn up the soil into something manageable. I have a blister on my trowel hand as proof.
Lavender isn't the best choice for this bed, given the clay soil, but I've always wanted some. So, I dug incredibly big holes, filled them with broken bits of pots and brick, then layered in a mound of fresh potting soil, tucked in the new lavender and hoped for the best. It could have probably used a bit of lime to help break up the clay but we'll see if this keeps their feet dry long enough to get them growing. It worked with the rosemary by the door.

I replanted the bulbs in the empty space behind the peak there. Come late winter, I'll probably be desperate for any hint of spring to come.

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