Thursday, February 10, 2011

Water works

Our water company hand delivered a letter last week, outlining the works they were planning to do in our street. On Monday, two large trucks delivered a zippy little bob-cat and a larger window-rattling one on tank-treads, lengths of pale blue pipe, mounds of dirt and gravel and five orange-vested workmen (three of whom seem to have Irish accents).
 Yesterday they cut a slice in the road and gouged out enough to lay new pipe. They blocked off our driveway without telling us beforehand but filled it back in within an hour.
Then they attacked the nature strip in front of the house and drew an arrow on the brand new concrete so they wouldn't forget where where the hole was.

The council's shivery gum seedling stands watch over the hole. During summer, council workers have driven around at least once a week to water these baby trees up and down the road. If the water workmen kill it, I won't be very impressed. 

In the early afternoon, when the workmen knock off, they place tall orange poles and cones around the mounds of dirt, the abandoned machinery and the holes, and unfurl this safety ribbon. These tiny, fluttering strips snap and cry in the wind at night.

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