Monday, February 21, 2011

Last dregs of summer

Left town after lunch on Friday, hoping to fly north but the flights were all full. Instead, we headed for the south coast, hoping to catch the last dregs of a disappointing summer. It was cold and wet driving down, and the wind picked up as we took the winding Great Ocean Road into Lorne. The wind picked up when we arrived and the whole weekend was covered in a fine mist of rain, even when the sun came out and the skies cleared, the misty rain stayed.
 The same beach in different directions; my first beach all summer. Normally, we spend the warmer months up north, sunning and body-surfing our way through January. This year, we stayed at home and it was never warm enough to venture to the coast, never tempting enough to go and float in the bay without waves when the pool is closer.
On the sheltered side of Lorne pier, after the wind threatended to rip the thongs off my feet, I dipped my toes in the ocean for the first time in over a year.
 The view from Teddy's Lookout, above Lorne, with the gentle spray of rain creating rainbows and the blue of the ocean drawing me down, down, down to the water. This colour seems so impossible in the middle of a Melbourne winter.

 The beach at Apollo Bay, where long, straight lines of swell form perfectly choreographed breakers. The lifesavers' flags were placed further down the beach, inevitably right where a rip was dragging the water back out to the ocean.
 The dunes at Apollo Bay and the trees at Lorne seemed to glow with the backdrop of heavy grey clouds.
In 1891, bushfire smoke obscured the coast and lured the Barque WB Godfrey onto the rocky shore. The wreck is here, just below the surface, revealing its capstan winch, its anchor and sometimes its iron bones at low tide.

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