Friday, January 14, 2011

Three days in the rain (watching the flood)

I planted seeds three days ago and it has rained every day since. Looking out the back door over the damp and dreary yard, I saw these, emerging from the waterlogged trug. Elsewhere in my new, awkward wooden garden, even smaller seedlings with vibrant red stems are peeking up through the flooded soil.

The news in the north is looking far more grim, frothing brown water all over the television, the newspapers, my google homepage, the news sites. The photos and footage are not so much 'breaking news' as heartbreaking. Heads barely above the water. White knuckles holding onto trees and telephone poles. A family marooned on a disappearing white car island. 

Several times today I've seen the worst one: a baby with her name written in marker on her arm. Just in case. There are far too many just-in-case scenarios in that one picture.


  1. I was just thinking about that little girl the other day. I remember when it happened, trying to explain it to someone and I was all choked up. Imagine being in a position to have to do that.

    1. It got me to too. I wasn't even pregnant yet, but I just hurt thinking about her mum and how scared she must have been for all their lives.


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